Meet The Team


Duncan is returning to pub life after a 20+ year gap. In that time he has worked for Skyfleet Ltd as a sales manager in the car leasing industry and now works for Patron AVS who can also be found at Evegate.

Having said he’d retire to a pub one day this opportunity came along sooner than expected but it was too good to miss and now here he is. Always wanting to be the life and soul of the party, being behind the bar suits his larger than life personality…and laugh!

When not at Patron AVS or The Dog House, Duncan is a real family guy enjoying time with Claire, Hana and Luke and of course the four Frenchies.

If there is any time left Duncan will be bankside fishing, writing, reading or sketching, preferring the traditional approach of cane rods and natural baits.


After leaving school Claire turned her weekend job at Tesco into a full time job and soon found herself on their management training program. In 2004 she joined Home-Start Ashford & District, a local charity, as an Organiser working in the rural area and since 2012 has been Co-Scheme Manager with responsibility for day to day scheme operations and finance. It’s an amazing job and Claire has the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people.

Duncan and Claire always talked about ‘retiring’ into pub life so this has come a little early but the stars aligned and thanks to her late Gran and Grandad here they are! Claire likes to be organised and methodical (a place for everything and everything in its place) and enjoy number crunching so she is looking forward to the challenges that this brings.

Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, Duncan and Claire have been married since 1998 and have two big children, Hana and Luke. They have four French Bulldogs, Nala and Kobe and their pups, Odin and Lilo who take up a lot of their time and fill the forthcoming empty nest. Claire also have a passion for coffee, baking, (window) shopping, eating out and the cinema.


Bar & Kitchen
Having graduated from UCA with a degree in Fashion & Textiles Print Design, Hana can be found in the pub at weekends while searching for a career in her chosen profession.

In charge of batch cooking, Hana has a natural flare for all things food, especially vegetarian options.

Hana also coordinates events and private parties using her creative and colourful instincts to make the small space perfectly personalised for each occasion.

On days off Hana spends time with Jay exploring creative places and nature reserves in Kent and trying out local foods. She enjoys bike riding and being with our dogs, especially Odin (not that we have favourites).


Bar & Kitchen
Luke is the funny, good-looking and smart son of Duncan and Claire. At 6′ 10″ doors are not his friend.

Currently in Falmouth at uni he can be found at the pub in holidays, usually in the kitchen cooking ‘banging’ food. He is our pizza man, constantly making dough to keep up with demand.

When not working he enjoys art, music, football and sleeping!



A busy mum of 4 little people, working in management at Tesco at weekends and evenings has found a second home and family at the pub going back to where her heart lays after working in local pubs and nightclubs from 16-21. George has spur of the moment ideas, such as changing her hair colour in split decisions.

If she does find herself having spare time George loves to sit at the sewing machine and make the kids clothes and is known for hoardings fabric supplies as well as many cleaning supplies and useful unknown cleaning tips and tricks as she’s strangely always loved to clean.


Chants is a busy working mum of 2 babies, 1 with four legs, and 1 with two arms and two legs.

She decided to change from working at a local coffee shop as one of the main chefs to making peoples belly’s full at The Dog House and is the queen of spice with our chilli and curry. You’ll hear her working (or at least her drum & bass from the kitchen) mainly weekday lunches and the odd evening shift if childcare is available! Never would Chants have thought she would make such good friends with the gang who she now lovingly calls her second family.

Outside of work Chantelle is normally trying to catch up on mum duties or chilling at the beach with her son and dog. Chants lives for the weekend and everything else in between! She loves a holiday or 5 (Claire dreads her last minute holiday requests!) and a boogy at a rave every other month.


Bar & Kitchen
Debs joined us after a career break of some 20 years and works both in the bar and the kitchen.

She has worked in pubs, supermarkets, ferries and airports! Qualified in catering, photography and fitness and has run 8 marathons!

She enjoys a chat and making lists! She spends all her spare time with her family and her favourite, hairy, 3rd child… Rosie the labradoodle (often found attached to her husband, propping up the bar!)



You’ll find Charlie dancing to D&B in the kitchen, wearing his Crocs with socks!

Taking over from Luke he is the new King of pizza bases. He often breaks egg yolks for your ham, egg and chips which makes Duncan happy as he gets random egg rolls through service.

When not at The Dog House he is studying A levels in economics, psychology, sociology and maths and going to the gym.

We are sponsoring his mullet ready for the National Championships!


Chezza is the maturest member of the team choosing to spend some of her spare time in our kitchen having retired from long running professional career.

She especially enjoys working the fast paced car meets on a Sunday morning when her infectious chuckle can be heard through the pub.

When not working Chezza loves walking her dog Fred, playing as much golf as time allows and sampling English wine.



Ann is an aging hippy who is at her happiest listening to or performing live music or rattling pots and pans in the kitchen. She has a degree in Bossiness and a Masters in “the look” so don’t make her use her teacher voice!






Gabriel is one of the newer additions to the team. If you can’t find him serving drinks at the bar, it’s likely that he’s spinning out a tune on his cello! He wants to pursue a career in classical music after his A levels, currently studying economics, English literature and music. In his spare time, he loves playing sports and listening to his vinyl collection. He often has gigs in and around the local area, and you can even find him playing here at The Dog House!



Issy loves anything creative; taking photos, painting, drawing, sculpting. Currently in year 13 taking Art, Maths and Geography A level and planning on going to university next year to study architecture. She spends most of her time with her family going on walks with their golden retriever, Rosie, or in her garage painting on an easel 🙂